Welcome! (again)

Welcome to the new and improved Asobig Page.

You can find here over 80.000 photos, soundbits, music and other info from some popular series.
All series and files are now available in just a few galeries.
In the menu you can find Lost, Sea Patrol, Heroes and all other series under the item Series Unlimited. The only series that stays apart is McLeod’s Daughters.
The mainmenu is just above this post.

Enjoy your stay!


And that is four million!!!

Today we crossed the 4.000.000 views mark on McLeod’s Daughters.

New home

We moved to our new home.
The website is online, the weatherstation still has to be setup.

Kei Boulderhal Amersfoort

Kei_logoSinds november 2014 heeft Amersfoort een eigen boulderhal. Deze hal is gevestigd in de voormalige Wagenwerkplaats aan de Soesterweg 314. De hal is eigendom van twee goede vrienden en het is echt de moeite waard om er eens een keertje te gaan boulderen.
Meer info op www.keiboulderhal.nl


MillionThat’s the number of hits we had on McLeod’s Daughters until today.
It took almost 5 years. In the beginning (when the series was live on TV) we had over 80.000 hits per month, today that amount has gone down to 25.000 each months.

On this rate we will hit the four million mark in 2016…

Thank you all for the visits and we hope to see you soon.


catharina77Catharina77, de naam van het blog van een vriendin. Ze schrijft over haar leven, belevenissen, angsten en gedachten. Zeer de moeite waard en zet je aan tot denken. Geniet ervan!

Check het menu hierboven voor de naam Catharina77.

Wow, faster!!!

fastYesterday was a great day.
In our neighborhood they installed glasfiber and from now on the site has an up/down stream of 100/100 mBit. So you should be able to browse the site a lot faster.

On the other hand there are a few problems. The datadisk of the site is getting old and noisy. The server is not that young anymore. So it maybe necessary to update the hardware. Last months the McLeod Daughter’s part of the site was not working because of a database error, we were unaware of this problem. Sorry for that…
In the near future we are moving the weather station to a new location about 40 km to the east and that may be the moment to move the server as well.

H2O Just Add Water, series 3

After a long period of silence, we started adding pictures again.
The first 12 episodes from series 3 of  ‘H2O Just Add Water‘ are now online. For the same series we added over 100 photos we found on the Internet.

Back again

Hello there,

We’re back again..
The last weeks we where working on the weather website, but that is finished now.

Today we added over 500 new files to the Storyboards and Series Unlimited. Search for the last editions (Albumlist > Last Uploads).


Server downtime

We have to update some services that require a reboot of the server. In the same time we will add extra hardware for the weatherstation.

The downtime is scheduled for friday february 17 from 10 am to 2 pm (if all is going well…).

We will try to be back online as soon as possible.



Fringe, season 3, part 2

Today we added the last ten episodes of Fringe in Series Unlimited. All 22 episodes of the third series are now online.

We will make a start with the fourth season in a few days time. Only the first seven episodes have been aired, so will add episodes as they come available.