Server downtime

We have to update some services that require a reboot of the server. In the same time we will add extra hardware for the weatherstation.

The downtime is scheduled for friday february 17 from 10 am to 2 pm (if all is going well…).

We will try to be back online as soon as possible.


Fringe, season 3, part 2

Today we added the last ten episodes of Fringe in Series Unlimited. All 22 episodes of the third series are now online.

We will make a start with the fourth season in a few days time. Only the first seven episodes have been aired, so will add episodes as they come available.

Fringe, season 3, part 1

The first 12 episodes of the third season of Fringe are online (in Series Unlimited). The second part will follow is a week or so.

For more info visit the official Fox site.

Haven, season 2

The SyFy series: Haven, season 2 is almost online. Well almost, the last episode airs on december 6th so that will be added short after then. The other 12 episodes are now available in Series Unlimited.

Weerstation Meerwijk

This post is in Dutch…
Welkom op de site van De meeste inhoud van deze site is in het engels, voornamelijk afbeeldingen van bekende films en series..

Daarnaast is er sinds kort een apart deel voor het Weerstation Meerwijk. Dit weerstation is gesitueerd in de wijk Meerwijk West in Uithoorn. Het weerstation meet sinds april 2011 een groot aantal parameters, tevens registreert het bliksem inslagen en is een webcam aangesloten.
De link naar dat deel van de site vind u onder Weerstation Meerwijk in het menu bovenaan de pagina. Of volg deze link.

Home at last…

After some serious problems with the server and our Internet provider, we decided that it was time for some changes. The site is now hosted with an other company. One of the drawbacks is that we have a new IP-address, so you have to update your links… One of the advantages is that from now on we will always be using as the main address. An other advantage is that the site is a lot faster than before.

Thanks, Asobig

Updated the Storyboards

Well, the holidays are over and we started adding data again.
This time we updated the section ‘Storyboard‘.  Over 800 files were added or updated.
Check Albumlist > Last Uploaded for the last additions.

Weeds, season 5 online

All 13 episodes of the fifth season of Weeds are now online.

In a few days we will begin to upload some episodes of the third season of True Blood.

Oh yes, all files are available in Series Unlimited (in the Top menu)

Weeds season 4 finished

Today we added the last episodes of the fourth season of Weeds (in Series Unlimited).
Next will be season 5.

The server seems to behave itself, it’s running for the last 14 days without any problems.

News at last…

After a well deserved holiday we started adding content to the site again.

You can now visit the part with weatherdata for my hometown and you can now download the soundtrack for H2O – Just Add Water.